Tony Cunnane's Autobiography - Tony Cunnane's Autobiography

A Yorkshire Aviator's Autobiography
Tony Cunnane
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Welcome to my Autobiography.  The website is split into 21 Chapters, each dealing with a different period in my life. Altogether there are about 380 web pages amounting to about 360,000 words. On most devices clicking on the red striped button in the header will display the chapter list on the left hand side of the screen but if that does not work use the following list:
Pre-school years        Early schooling          Grammar schools     Temporary work         Recruit training
Sri Lanka                  Air Signaller years      Officer training          V Force                     War planning
Pilot training               Pakistan                    Victor tankers           Victor Standards        Ground Tours
Intelligence                 Red Arrows PR        Soviet Union tour      Scampton events       World Tour      Cranwell
Click on the chapter you wish and a contents list of that chapter will appear on the left hand side of the page and remain there as you read though the various pages in that chapter. If this is your first visit to my website, why not start with my About Me page?
I have been busy re-writing my free eBook version of this autobiography after some diligent readers noticed that a couple of chapters were missing (thank you for pointing it out). The new version is now ready - click here
The FINAL Update to this website was on 29 January 2020
My Afterthoughts website has now been cancelled.
I always welcome comments and acknowledge all polite emails promptly. I will never quote you without your express permission and I do not retain, or use, your email address for any other purpose.
Please note that I do not subscribe to any of the 'social media'.
All text and images on this website are ©Tony Cunnane 2020 except where otherwise indicated
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