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All the stories on this website are based on my own memories and diaries so I alone am responsible for their content. All the images on this website are mine except in a few cases where I have indicated the copyright owner.
Please note that I do not subscribe to Twitter, Facebook, or any of the other 'social media'. I have nothing against them but I do not have time to spare. However, I welcome comments on my website stories especially, but not exclusively, from those who have first-hand knowledge of the subjects, or family connections with those mentioned in my stories. As the thousands who have emailed me in the last 20 years know, I acknowledge all polite comments promptly. I will never quote you without your express permission. I do not retain or use your email address for any other purpose.

This website was last updated on 16 May 2018. Today, the exact 75th Anniversary of the famous Dam Busters Raid by 617 Squadron RAF, strong winds prevented the historic Lancaster from flying. However, on the 50th Anniversary, I was there on top of Derwent Dam with my own 35mm fixed lens camera, and here are a few of my images from that occasion. (Including one truly alarming one.)

All text and images on this website are © Tony Cunnane 2018 except where otherwise indicated.

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