RAF Scampton closure 2022 - Tony Cunnane's Autobiography

A Yorkshire Aviator's Autobiography
Tony Cunnane
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RAF Scampton closure 2022

This page was written on 16 August 2018

Since the recent MoD announcement about the proposed closure of RAF Scampton in 2022, my webstats have shown a huge increase in the number of visits to my Red Arrows pages – particularly those pages dealing with the short-lived closure, and subsequent re-opening, of RAF Scampton in the 1990s and the complete failure then to find a permanent alternative base for the Red Arrows.

My website (the one you are now reading) is my autobiography and, therefore, is not a history of the Royal Air Force or the Red Arrows. However, since I spent the last years of my 47-year-long RAF career, working as the PRO for the Red Arrows from 1989-2001, it should surprise no-one that there are about 90 pages on this website (out of a total of about 420 pages) where the Red Arrows are mentioned.

To avoid disappointment, I must tell you that since I retired from my job with the Red Arrows in early 2001, I have deliberately not written anything new about the world’s finest formation aerobatic team for the simple reason that I have no inside knowledge of what will happen to the Red Arrows when Scampton finally (?) closes - for the fourth or fifth time in its long and illustious history.

The official Red Arrows website is here.                                   

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